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Serving the entire Bay Area Since 1994.

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Probate and trust administration and litigation: elder abuse, incompetency, undue influence, unfair administration of trusts and probates.

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Drafting wills and trusts made easy and affordable. Trust packages include the trust, pour-over will, power of attorney for finances, power of attorney for health care with physician's directive, nomination of guardian of minors, certification of trust, grant deed placing title to your home in your name as trustee (funding the trust).

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Commercial leases, small business disputes, drafting small business sales agreements.

Auto accidents, elevator accidents, pedestrian and motorcycle cases, sexual assault, MUNI/AC Transit claims, uneven pavement, unsafe decks and stairs.

San Francisco probate attorney Amanda Ebey provides knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel in the practice areas of estate litigation, will contest, elder abuse, real estate and personal injury law.

Through her award winning legal help, she has helped her clients recover millions of dollars in damages, as well as help bay area residents plan for their future or retirement, or that of their loved ones.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a legal consultation for these or her other practice areas, be sure to contact Amanda Ebey today!